What is Telegram Bot?
Telegram Bot is an bot for the Telegram messenger. It can do fun stuff, some features are:
  • !img {Random search string}
  • !gif {Random search string}
  • !help See all available commands
  • !addquote {Random quote to save}
  • !quote Returns one saved quote ( Can be image or text )
There are way more functions, add @BotForTelegram ( Click on link to chat with it straight away if you are using Telegram Desktop ) on Telegram and say !help to it so you can see all the commands.
You can add the Bot to your group conversations to have fun with your friends.

Available Commands

Note: Commands with a option e.g. !eur [USD] are meant to be typed without brackets: !eur 10 or !time New York
Command: Explanation:
!help Shows all available commands, cause this command list isn't always up to date, you should check the help function regulary as it contains all available commands.
!eur [USD] Returns howmuch a euro is in dollar, you can also specify the amount. ( !eur 20 )
!btc [EUR|USD] [amount] Returns howmuch a bitcoin costs at the moment, you can also specify multiple arguments. ( !btc eur 20 )
!gps latitude,longitude Generates a screenshot with a link to google maps on the chosen GPS cordinates.
!loc [location] This generates a google maps link with image to the chosen location.
!time [area] This returns the time in the chosen area.
!weather [city] This returns the weather in chosen city.
!xkcd [id] Gets an xkcd images with the chosen id, if no id is set Bot gets an random image.
!imdb [movie] Returns a movie/serie info from IMDB, it gets the following information: Title, Relasedate, Genre, Director, Actors, Imdb Rating, Plot, a link to the actual movie/serie and an image.
!producthunt last [number of items] Gets the specified amount off new products on ProductHunt.
!producthunt random Gets one random project from ProductHunt.
!steam inventory [username] [list amount] Currently this function gets a chosen number off a users Counter Strike Global Offensive inventory. ( This will get updated to all games / inventory types )
!steam inventory [username] Gets 3 items from specified user's Counter Strike Global Offensive inventory.
!gif [term] Sends an gif with chosen term from giphy, if no term is chosen sends a random gif.
!giphy [term] Sends an gif with chosen term from giphy, if no term is chosen sends a random gif.
!google [terms] Gets 4 results from google.
!addquote [image link / text] This adds the image or text to a list off quotes.
!quote Returns one off the saved quotes.
!dict [word] Searches Urban Dictonary for a meaning off the specified word.
!img [term] This returns a random image from google images, be wary there is no safe search.
!translate [text] Translates specified text to English.
!translate [target language] [text] Translates the text to the specified language


The Telegram Bot base is build by Yagop, and the source can be found here. If you are a developer and you like the coding language LUA/Phyton you should definitely check it out :)